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Civil Engineering


We have the expertise and capacity to provide clients with all the necessary services needed to prepare a site before actual construction. Our demolition and excavation division uses heavy equipment to perform earth moving and land improvement projects. We are equipped to do site grading, ditching, drainage, land clearing, add top soil and fill dirt, wrecking and demolition for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.


The complexity of the modern building process demands qualified professionals with special abilities to analyze, clearly identify challenges and provide solutions as the project develops. Mahlase Civil Pty Ltd has the capacity to build:
Major Road Infrastructure
Bulk Sewer Lines and Water Reticulation Systems
Large Scale Residential and Commercial Developments
Bridges, Waste Water Treatment Plants and Dams
Major Pipelines
High Rise and Multi Storey Buildings
Concrete Specialty


Our extensive experience in specialized placing of structural concrete for intricate and sophisticated designs. This is a key aspect in the successful construction of any major structure of which concrete is a crucial design element. In many major projects where concrete is the major structural element, safety and quality are paramount for the long term use of that structure.


Most local authorities have to deal with continuous maintenance and fixing of potholes. We have new technology and equipment specifically designed for patching and repairing potholes in an efficient and cost effective manner. We have also acquired the right skills to operate and drive this process thereby being in an excellent position to provide our clients with exceptional value for their expenditure.


We understand the complexities that accompany the renovation or re-modeling of major infrastructure. Our team of professionals has the necessary skills to guide and assist clients on any major renovating requiring services of a general contractor. This also extends to any maintenance works that may be required.


Road surface marking and upright road signals are critical in conveying official information and guidance. We provide road marking
and road sign installations services. Well maintained roads are good for the transportation of goods and services and are vital in stimulating economic activity for communities using this infrastructure.We also perform the majority of the associated works such as watermains, sewers, culvert repairs, earthworks, concrete sidewalks and curb & gutter formation.


Different types of asphalt concrete have different performance characteristics in terms of surface durability, tire wear, braking efficiency and roadway noise. We provide asphalt and concrete paving services for construction of parking bays, roads and airport runways.

We are equipped and have the capacity to carry out all kinds of road surfacing requirements for new roads or existing roads. We are tuned to offer our clients a variety of options with regard to road surfacing together with cost estimates for labor and supply of materials.