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Dredging Services


Dredging is an excavation activity or operation usually carried out at least partly underwater, in shallow seas or fresh water areas.
We offer dredging services in the following areas:
- Sludge removal from dams or ports.
- Increasing depth in Waterways.
- Hydraulic transportation of tailings in the mining sector.
- Port expansion.
- Replenishing of sand on public beaches which might have undergone
- Removal of contaminants from the seabed.
- Reclamation of areas damaged by oil spills or natural calamities.
- Creation of new harbours.

Mahlase Civil Pty Ltd is also a Distributors and installer of Dredgers, We Distribute and install fabricate Dredging Equipment locally from S.A.M.E. Manufacturing.


Effective and time-efficient maintenance of these machines are of paramount importance to us as we prefer that there are no dredger units at our workshop for extended periods.


Our teams of qualified, experienced and skilled dredging specialists are trained by S.A.M.E; they are able to custom-design training programme to suit specific dredging project needs and to address the long-term dredger maintenance programme and ready for any servicing or repairs that are needed.